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You want straighter teeth? We straighten teeth.
Our all-day teeth aligners deliver fast results for a smile you'll love.
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Better treatment starts here
Snazzy aligners are invisible, and made from best-in-class material, making the treatment painless. Every aligner is designed for you by expert orthodontists who works with you at every step of your journey, providing smile guarantee.
vs braces
more effective vs braces
vs others
more effective vs other aligners
“I was so conscious of my smile and was finally relieved to find a solution that didn’t require those ugly braces.”
Karishma sharma
“I absolutely loved snazzy. I was a little skeptical if I would get the results that they promised but they proved me wrong.”
Akash D Prabhu
Faster, Cheaper, Comfier
We use the latest tech such that you see results in just 6 months. Our aligners are manufactured in-house, and come at a cost that is affordable. Unlike braces, there are no dietary restrictions as they are removable and easy to maintain.
“It’s super pocket-friendly and efective. So glad I found snazzy!”
Kushal Mistry
“I always wanted to get aligners but the huge price tag kept me away until I saw snazzy’s prices.”
Vitasata Bhat
Your smile transformation
step 1
Easy Assessment
An expert dentist will scan your smile & explain the entire treatment to you.
Your 3D scan is completed within 30 minutes by an expert.
Our expert answers all your questions regarding your smile transformation.
step 2
Visualize your new smile
Get a preview of your new smile created by expert orthodontist.
Your smile, adjusted to your health and aesthetic needs.
See your smile transformation even before paying for treatment.
step 3
Receive aligners at home
We home-deliver aligners that are ready to use.
Be in touch with your personal dentist & get clinic support whenever required.
Keep track of your progress with our remote smile monitoring app.
10,000+ smiles
30+ expert in-house
orthodontist & dentists
100+ partner clinics
across India
Constant virtual
monitoring & support
US FDA approved CE
certified aligner sheets
Approved (and applauded) by medical experts
Review by - Dr. Rajshekhar K
"Aligners make it possible to guarantee the results during the smile tranformation journey.”
- Dr. Rajshekhar K
10,000+ smile designed
Review by - Dr. Prakruthi Sanghania
"My patients are happier as they see same result in half the time with aligners.”
- Dr. Prakruthi Sanghania
5,000+ smile designed
Review by - Dr. Aamani
"Teeth aligners are completely invisible, super comfortable to wear, and convenient."
- Dr. Aamani
1,000+ smile designed
Review by - Dr. Ankita Ashok Sawant
“Aligners are much much comfortable than braces. And equally, if not more effective."
- Dr. Ankita Ashok Sawant
5,000+ smile designed
Approved (and applauded) by medical experts
Get ₹ 5,000 for every friend you refer
Give your friend 100% OFF an doctor consultation and ₹10,000 OFF their teeth aligners. In return, we’ll give your ₹5,000 every time one of them get treatment done from snazzy.
Learn more about our referral program
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Why snazzy clear aligners are better
Our technology allows us to offer you the best quality and price, and our team of
othodontists accompanies you every step of the way.
Designed by orthodontistsTreatment timePriceWithout painRemote monitoring
snazzy logotick6 monthsticktick
Traditional Treatmenttick+12 months₹₹crosscross
Other Alignerscross+8 months₹₹₹crosscross
starts at
snazzy guarantee
Smile guarantee
We vow to get you a great smile and won't back out until you're there. If at any point during treatment, your teeth need further touch up, we'll cover your new aligners at no cost!
Are Snazzy aligners right for you?
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